Over the years, the broadcasting profession has evolved into a multifaceted and multidisciplinary one, permeating into different professions and suiting the demands of each profession accordingly. It is therefore not surprising that this enterprise has garnered for itself some deserved attention, from both the public and private business owners in globally, many of whom deem it fit to own different broadcasting companies. As the industry grow and expand in Nigeria and even other countries however, and with the evolution of new media, it is quite unfortunate that some of these broadcasting outlets lack professionals who possess the requisite skills (both practical and theoretical) of the nitty-gritty of this bloomy profession. This is exactly why TNM Media Academy was born. Although training has commenced informally since over two decades ago, the academy was formally incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja in 2019 after which its formal training commenced having secured the understanding of the National Broadcasting Commssion.

It is presenting to aspiring broadcasters, Ordinary and Advanced Certificates in Basic Broadcasting. These two programmes are specially designed to equip aspiring broadcasters with the basic knowledge of broadcasting giving them the opportunity to join the network of on-air personalities (OAPs) in just six months.

Basically, this programme combines theoretical classes with hands-on training with a smooth blend of “town” and “gown” experiences. This means that graduates who are already certified in any allied fields of Communication and Media profession but are yet to gain entry  into the industry of their chosen career should be a part of this certificate programme. Also O’level holders who have penchant for on-air presentation have the opportunity to deploy this arrow-head programme to hit their career targets. Surely, this programme will expose you to the art of excellent broadcasting and creative media performance.

This certificate programme is designed to produce near-perfect and industry ready broadcasters and media artistes whose creative tenacity for broadcasting will adequately be developed through the different class and practical sessions scheduled for this certificate programme. In other words, participants of this programme will by the end of this programme possess the skills of presenting excellently on both the visual and the audio media. The will also be able to adequately execute effective commercial productions and voice-over jobs with finesse. We don’t just get here. We’ve been in the broadcast and media allied industry for more than two decades practising and training the greenhorns to become eggheads in the industry. Be part of this success story.